Welcome to Welcome Home!

NOTE: This site is best viewed on desktop, and is still under construction. As we are still in Welcome Home's prologue, anything that could be considered a spoiler is currently unmarked. This is subject to change in the future.

Hey there! Are you curious about Welcome Home but have no idea where to start looking for information? Did you try looking elsewhere, only to find the most reliable resources being swallowed up by obtrusive ads or locked behind a Discord invite? Then you're in luck! This is a fanmade wiki dedicated to providing fans and newcomers alike with everything there is to know about Welcome Home, a multimedia horror project by Clown Partycoffin (Twitter link here). This site isn’t meant to be a replica of any other existing wiki for Welcome Home, but I hope it’s a fun, informative, and accessible read nonetheless.

"Welcome Home is an experimental multi-media horror project that focuses on unraveling the mystery surrounding a beloved 1970s children’s television show. You are to accompany a colorful cavalcade of puppets as their beloved neighborhood begins to skew and distort into a nightmarish memory that they can barely recall. Through illustrated books, recordings, and an array of old merchandise, you will find what dwells within this colorful home! Beneath its beautiful carpets, behind its gorgeous wallpaper, and deep within its breathing crevices! Fortunately, you have someone to keep you company and hold your hand as you walk down a path now long forgotten."
-from the credits/overview page page on Welcome Home's official website.

Welcome Home’s website originally launched on February 14th, 2022, and currently acts as a prologue/proof of concept for the rest of the project. Be warned that Welcome Home is not intended for younger audiences, and that in addition to exploration of topics such as death, isolation, and mental health, it also features the following: unreality, derealization, gore, intentionally unnerving/grating audio, intense eye contact, and brief instances of flashing in video/gif content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Unless stated otherwise, every visual asset used on this site is from Welcome Home’s official website, patterncooler.com, or one of the many graphics resources floating around Neocities, such as sadgrl.online, Websets by Lynn, or Betty's Graphics. Every image on this website is currently hosted on File Garden, so if you're passionate about either Welcome Home or media archival and are able to spare 5 bucks a month, please consider supporting it on Patreon.

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