Marlo, Inc.

Marlo, Inc. was a toy manufacturing company that partnered with The Playfellow Workshop to produce several tie-in products for Welcome Home over the course of the show's run. It is unknown if Marlo, Inc. is still active.



Although Marlo, Inc. was demonstrably active in the early 1970s, it is unknown when it was first founded, or if it produced merchandise for any other property after Welcome Home stopped airing.


Marlo, Inc.'s logo is an eye framed by the outline of a house, at the center of which is the word "Marlo." The fact that this reinforces the eye motif found throughout the website is not lost on the Welcome Home Restoration Project website's visitors.

Marlo Inc's logo.

Marlo, Inc.'s logo.


Marlo, Inc. is first mentioned on July 27th, 2023, in which their partnership with the Playfellow Workshop is first revealed. Not every tie-in product for Welcome Home was associated with Marlo, Inc., but the known list of those that were includes:

  • "It's-For-You!" Talking Telephone Toy (1971)
  • "Eddie's Big Lift" Storybook Record (Date unknown, published under the label "Marlo Records")
  • "Welcome Home" vinyl record (Approx. 1970-1972)
  • "Drawing with Wally Darling" vinyl record (Approx. 1970-1972)
  • "The Fun in Your Frown" vinyl record (Approx. 1970-1972)
  • "Wally Darling's Coloring Book" (Date unknown)
  • "Happy Haunting to Boo and Yours!" Storybook Record (Date unknown, endorsed by Crispy Sweets)
  • "Homewarming" Storybook record (Date unknown)
  • "Homewarming Harmonies for Hearth and Home" Album (Date unknown)
  • "Howdy's Holliday Hullabaloo" Record (Date unknown)
  • "Bug-a-Bye and Goodnight: An Ode to Hibernation" Record (Date unknown)

Although the WHRP claims on their "Merchandise" page that the Talking Telephone Toy and "Happy Haunting to Boo and Yours!" have sections that have been rendered inaudible, further inspection reveals that these sections are perfectly clear and intact - more than they should be, as a matter of fact. The WHRP appears to either be unable or unwilling to acknowledge this, suggesting that there is anomalous activity afoot.


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