The Question Answerer

"The more I looked at [Welcome Home], the more questions there were, and not an answer in sight. It was like a puzzle-box that had never been opened before, just begging to be investigated."
- from the WHRP website’s “Exhibition” page.

The Question Answerer is a successful exhibitor and museum curator who first becomes involved with the Welcome Home Restoration Project when they offer to help the team set up an in-person exhibition to showcase their findings. Although they are initially excited to work on a more obscure project, the Question Answerer’s attempts to dig deeper only ever seem to lead to more questions.



The Question Answerer is the head and namesake of Questions Answered Curatorial Services. Much like the WHRP, they have elected to remain anonymous, so little is known about them outside of their line of work.


Most of the Question Answerer’s personality can be gleaned from their responses on the page for The Playfellow Exhibition, as well as the secret “Staff Only” page. They appear to be a naturally curious person who considers their work to be of great importance, to the point where they can be rather harsh on themself if they believe they have failed to uphold the title of Question Answerer. They are not one to lie outright, but they will restate things to seem more palatable if the situation calls for it. They are shown to be easily frustrated, and are a bit possessive over the findings that the WHRP lends them, although it is unknown if this has always been a part of their personality or if it is a side effect of them coming into contact with the WHRP’s recovered materials.


The Question Answerer makes their first appearance on February 25th, 2023, in which it is mentioned that they’ve contacted the WHRP expressing interest in working with them on a live exhibit. This comes to fruition in the July 27th update of that same year, in the form of The Playfellow Exhibition. In the secret page “Staff Only,” the Question Answerer expresses confusion with the task they’ve been given. They can find no records indicating that Welcome Home or its parent company has ever existed outside of what the WHRP has given them, they have been having strange dreams involving Wally since beginning their work on the exhibit, and they are constantly plagued by the sound of a ringing phone. Photos on the “Staff Only” page reveal that the Question Answerer’s workspace is run-down, with a strange dark substance growing on the walls. This substance is also mentioned in their correspondence with the WHRP, who caution the Question Answerer and their staff against handling the materials they have sent without gloves, and to send it back if the substance begins growing on any of those materials. The substance is apparently capable of inducing nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. Regardless, the Question Answerer resolves to continue digging deeper, if only for the sake of finding an explanation for everything.

W mentions on that the Question Answerer has made a recovery since the creation of "Staff Only," but what exactly this means is unclear. They do not appear to have contacted any member of the WHRP since.



The Question Answerer and the WHRP maintain a professional relationship for the most part, albeit one that becomes precarious the more that the Question Answerer becomes involved with the WHRP’s work. Although the idea of an in-person exhibition was originally the Question Answerer’s idea, they become more skeptical of the WHRP the more they work together, something they only express in “Staff Only.” Likewise, the WHRP expresses the depths of their apprehension in their exchanges with the Question Answerer, albeit only in hidden text. Since coming into contact with the project, the Question Answerer has been experiencing similar symptoms to the WHRP - a ringing that will not stop, an urge to continue their work with Welcome Home above all else, and most notably, finding themself on the receiving end of at least one attempt at communication from Wally.

Wally Darling

Wally appears to the Question Answerer in a dream shortly after they begin working with the WHRP on their live exhibition, seemingly kickstarting all of the anomalous effects that have been plaguing them since.


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