"Wally is your best friend."
- from a character card made just for you.

You are a character in Welcome Home by way of simply interacting with it, starting with the WHRP website. You are most often addressed by Wally, usually as a collective sharing the designation of “you” or “neighbor,” (much like how the audience was addressed as an additional neighbor during Welcome Home’s original run.) Occasionally, however, you are addressed as individuals with distinct names, such as in the Guestbook. As far as Wally is concerned, though, your status as his neighbor is what’s most important, and he is more than ready to guide you through the world of Home.

Given the nature of “you” as a collective designation, it is entirely possible that it also includes persons/groups of interest such as the WHRP and the Question Answerer, although this has not been outright confirmed.



You and Wally are the best of friends - or so he says. He hopes you feel the same way.


While much of Welcome Home’s story so far is driven by Wally’s attempts to establish a form of communication with you (and the WHRP’s efforts to impede this), said story is uncovered through your exploration of the site. After all, the numerous messages that Wally leaves out for you - the Guestbook doodles, the YXWVOE pages, the hidden records, and so on and so forth - would have no impact without a recipient to read them, and Home isn’t a home without all of its neighbors. As of the prologue, the only major breakthrough Wally has made in his efforts to fully perceive and communicate with you seems to be the Guestbook, but even this small victory was rendered moot with the Guestbook’s closure on July 27th, 2023.


Wally Darling

As a collective, you are very important to Wally. Although it is unclear whether or not you and the viewer(s) from Welcome Home’s original run are the same entity in-universe, Wally seems to be under the impression that you are at least a suitable replacement, and as such, he considers you Home's tenth neighbor. One of his first messages to you is to tell you that “you are [his] best friend,” as though to remind you, and later messages contain similar sentiments all revolving around the idea that you have known each other previously, despite evidence to the contrary. Although Wally appears to mean no harm towards you, it is also implied several times throughout the site that he is expecting something from you, just as he is expecting something from the WHRP and the Question Answerer. Whatever this something is, he trusts that “you will come with [him],” and he aims to help you understand eventually.

Although Wally has found a way to contact you through the WHRP website, this method seems to be an imperfect one, as it leaves him unable to substantially perceive or communicate with you outside of one-sided conversations and written correspondence such as the Guestbook (before its closure.) Wally does not seem to know why this is the case, and as seen in the hidden records, is deeply upset by it.


Home seems to be the only other neighbor aware of your existence in the prologue. Notably, they only use Morse code when in your presence, as opposed to the assorted creaks, squeaks, and bangs they use to simulate verbal language with the other neighbors. This implies that they are making a conscious effort to “speak” in a way that you will be able to decipher. However, given that their use of Morse code has been rather simple so far, and the fact that Wally is always present when they use it, it is unknown what their exact feelings towards you are.


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  • You are Wally's favorite sound. [Sources: 1]
  • Wally's preferred Christmas gift would be your television set. [Sources: 1]